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If you ever wanted to try a new sport or continue playing a sport your love, now is the time. School Athletics is the perfect place to learn and have fun with your frineds. Regardless of skill level!


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Join Basketball

Late Novemember Until Early March

Do you enjoy Basketball?  Would you like to be part of a team?  St. Ambrose offers our girls and boys in grade 5-8 the chance to play basketball.   Focus is always on fun and enjoyment.  If you are not careful, you might just pick up some great skills along the way.




5th-8th Grades

Players can expect up to three events per week. Two practices and a game or two games and a practice. We try to have practices either right before school or directly after school. Games times are set through the CAA (Catholic Athletic Association) and are posted late November. Practice times will not be know until after teams are assigned and Coaches are on board.  Most people are able to make school sports and club sports work.


More than a game

Life Skills

It is not uncommon that we pray before or after our games.  Joining one of our teams is a great way to bring Faith to Athletics.